Building better lives for those in need

The Rainbow Community Development Center (RCDC), Inc.’s mission is building better lives for those in need. We have been helping families to become self-sufficient since 1999 and became a 501c3 IRS recognized entity in 2004.

Through our Emergency Safety Net Services, Food Pantry, Financial Literacy Classes, Job Search and Resume Preparation services, we are able to serve about 10,000 people annually. Future goals include programs for youth, basic literacy, health and nutritional education classes, professional development, and job training.

Community Need

The hungry live all over the Washington region. Maryland is the wealthiest state in the country, but hunger is a growing reality for many. Hunger runs deep in our state, affecting people in every county: seniors, children and working families. Many children go without meals on a daily basis, not by choice. Adults making low wages, often working more than one job, are unable to provide food and basic necessities for their families. About 40% of clients we serve often have to choose whether to pay for housing, utilities, food, medical care, or transportation.

In Maryland, 1 of every 8 households faces constant struggle against hunger. 10.1% of the Maryland population and 13.5% of Maryland’s children are living in poverty. In 2010, about 8% of Montgomery County residents were considered food insecure. Maryland has one of the nation’s highest food insecurity rates for seniors.

With food prices soaring, obesity, diabetes and other health-related diseases are on the incline. Healthy, nutritious foods (such as fresh produce) are more expensive and less likely to be purchased, a factor in many health-related issues.

Homelessness is on the increase as jobs have become scarce. Many families live in the cold during the winter months and are unable to pay their utility bills.